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All Is Not Gold That Glitters

All Is Not Gold That Glitters

Gold Panning

Come Gather ’round all you kids
And listen to my story,
About some of the trials and temptations
You will find on the road to glory.

You go to school for many years,
To get your education.
Then you start out with high hopes
Of climbing to some high station.

Some will get a job, some will not.
They don’t like this nor that.
They want to be “big league”, and talk big,
But they are only “talking thru their hat.”

While you are looking for a job
That suits you to a “T”,
Don’t pass up some other work
Because it doesn’t appeal to thee.

For as you go along from day to day,
As you sweat, and toil, and slave,
You’ll find it isn’t so much what you make,
But how much you can save.

Don’t buy steak every day,
Buy some bone and gristle.
Be sure to get your money’s worth,
“Don’t pay too much for your whistle.”

You don’t need to see every movie,
Nor buy all those fancy clothes.
For their is more to life than finery
And gaudy picture shows.

And don’t forget as you go along,
To lend a helping hand
To some poor unfortunate soul,
Bogged down in life’s quicksand.

For no matter how tough life is for you,
For some it is much worse.
Maybe it’s thru no fault of theirs,
That their lot is so adverse.

You must learn as you go on,
Try to gain something from defeat,
For most everyone, sometime or other,
Has to “take the bitter with the sweet.”

So just keep on and do your best,
“While you are living you are learning.”
Remember the old saying,
“It’s a long road that has no turning.”

Now just don’t despair and quit,
Life has no time for quitters,
And above all remember this
“All is not gold that glitters.”

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