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The Miners Hymn

The Miners Hymn

Panning for GoldRock of Ages, cleft by me,
Let me find, some gold in Thee.
Find some gold, and silver too,
Or a lot, of lead would do.
Rock of Ages, share with me,
The sight of gold, I want to see.

Through desert heat, and arctic cold,
I have searched, this land for gold.
Many a mile, on tired feet,
No water to drink, and naught to eat.
Rock of Ages, don’t torture me,
Release Thy gold, and set it free.

Sometime soon, as a surprise,
Please guide my feet, to where it lies.
Just let me get, a sight of it.
After that, I will do my bit.
Rock of Ages, hard and tight,
A little silver, would be alright.

Many partners, I have had,
Some were good, and some were bad.
For the good ones, I wish the best,
Old Satan he, can have the rest.
Rock of Ages, soon show Thy gold
For I am getting, tired and old.

I am drilling now, far underground,
I’ll surely hit it, in one more round.
I’ll load the holes, and then I’ll shoot,
Please let me see, a lot of loot.
Rock of Ages, hear my plea,
Let me find, some gold in Thee.

Many times, when I’ve been forlorn,
I’ve cursed the day, that I was born.
When with my wishes, you’d not comply,
I have given up, and hoped to die.
When in Thy folds, I could not find,
A single ‘color’, of any kind.

With just a little, help from you,
I could find enough, to see me through.
If only pity, on me you’d take,
I’d dig the gold, and have a stake.
Oh! Rock of Ages, hard and bleak,
Let me find, just one pay streak.

Though little gold, I have ever found,
I always have drilled, another round,
With your help, and with my sweat,
I hope to find, a little yet.
Oh! Ancient Rock, hear my request,
Please open up, and do your best.

I beg of you, Oh! Stubborn rocks,
I can’t take many, more hard knocks,
My back is bent, my eyes are dim,
My chances for luck, are getting slim.
Oh! Rock of Ages, it’s a sad fact,
You’ve been too hard, and too compact.

If you will soften, up a bit,
I’ll give the poor, about half of it.
Please change Thy ways, and have a heart,
Before this life, I do depart.
I want to find, some color in Thee,
Before my maker, sends for me.

When at last, I’m laid to rest
And the sod, is o’er me pressed,
On my headstone, these words so cold,
“He spent his life, in search of gold.”
Oh! Rock of Ages, hear my prayer,
And let me find, some gold up there.

2 Responses to “The Miners Hymn”

  1. Lori Rhodes says:

    Thank you for sharing!!